This is one of the smallest parks in Tanzania lying in the thin strip of forest running along the steep slopes, valleys and the sandy beaches of Lake Tanganyika just about 16 km from Kigoma town and a border to the Democratic  Republic of Congo

The biggest attraction of this park is its richness of Chimpanzees that have been habituated to visitors with a great work of the world best known wildlife/environment conservationist Jane Goodall who founded a research Institute in the park.

Mostly the population of primates is big in this park in that apart from Chimpanzees, baboons and colobus monkeys can be sported in a deeper forests canopies.

Leopard and bushbuck are also residents in the dense forest, along with fish eagles and palm-nut vultures, which are often seen flying overhead.

Gombe Stream is the perfect place for a walking safari, allowing you to cool off along the way with a dip in one of the many streams that criss-cross the park.