It cover the area of 3230 km sq, being the third largest national park in the country after The great plains of Serengeti and Ruaha which is just south of this park. It’s accessible from all angles of the country but the popular being Dar es Salaam which is just few hours’ drive from the park. It is surrounded in all angles by hills that contain different lodges and camps that give a perfect view to the park and assurance for accommodation.

The central part of the park is the plain area which is sometimes called little Serengeti due the richness of animals roaming from here to there being it lion hunting zebras and wildebeest, or buffalo’s bulls fighting for dominance over the heard, the trumpets of elephants, the run of the painted dogs, leopards and the whistle blow of more than 400 species of birds being it lilac-breasted roller, yellow-throated long claw, water birds and hippos who are the stars of the pools. It’s a good area for a day trip especially when you have few days to visit.