Covering more than 260s..km with a wall from the crater floor rises to 610m.its designated as Ngorongoro conservation area authority covering an area as large as 8300 square km. Its a world heritage site and the eighth wonder of the world were human and wild interacts together. Its located in the rift valley wing and within the crater is the crater lake that helps out the roaming about of animals within the crater. Its the most visited park with tourist in Africa.

Wildlife abundance is high and that animals roam in all directions of the crater and it’s the place where you can see the big five at once. Its where the last remaining black rhinos are found. Other animals like lions, zebras, giraffes, buffalos, elephants, wildebeest, Hippos, all Gazelles, cheetahs, leopards in elerai forest and hyenas and many more.

Birds species of different kinds and within the crater and in the forest walls of the crater more than 100 birds species that are not found in Serengeti have been counted. The presence of the lake have made the area good for flamingos. Ostrich, secretary bird, marabou and a lot more are found.