Incorporated in 1970 as a national park covering an area of 2,600 sq-km, its named after the river that criss-croos the park from north to south Tarangire river being a heart of all animals especially during the dry season .It’s a 1:30 minutes’ drive from Arusha town. Being considered as the “land of Giants”, it’s consist of the giant big herds of elephants, buffalos and the popular Baobab Tree which is considered as the tree of life. Being located in the south-east part of lake Manyara, its one of the parks that is located in the Maasai Steppe Ecosystem with a great migration of animals from Tarangire-Manyara/ Esilalei-Selela and Lake Natron/or Tarangire-Esilalei/ Makuyuni/ Losimingori/ lepurko-Selela-Lake Natron.

Due to the nature of its location, The Park is surrounded in all sides by pastoral-farming communities. Animals wonders within and outside the park in the whole year making them the easy target for retaliatory killing.
It’s an area rich with vast number of animals mostly thousands of elephants, buffalos, lions, giraffes, wildebeest, zebras, a number of snake species including tree climbing python, birds species counted to be 550 species. It can be visited the whole period of the year but the best periods are March-November.

Kori bustard ostrich, secretary birds and many more including the migrant birds from Eurasia.