A Safari in Africa creates experiences that mostly live one with a true magic of the continent. With Kiboya Safaris, you are going to have an unforgettable safari of all times that carries new discoveries and exploration that starts by creating and taking care of every detail that savors your moment of experience. Kiboya Safaris offers different safaris that give a clear option for everyone that is interested in travelling to Africa. Our options involve wildlife, culture based, trekking, adventures, voluntravel, beach holidays, educational safaris etc. Each safari gives unique highlight of the places to visit.The most precious resource of the current world is time so with us, we have a great experience of Africa safaris crafts  that makes a lifetime experience that will be a story to remember.


Our safari vehicles guides are highly qualified with a great knowledge about Africa as their knowledge starts from the growing up experience as they are mostly from the areas they work. They are always happy to share their passion about Africa on wildlife, people and culture, the landscape, water and its wetlands, valleys and mountains and the richness of resources to people of all nationalities and cultures.

Our Safaris Awaits You

John Kiboya

Senior Guide

Lotta Saiteu

Travel Consultant

Knowing every corner of this amazing continent, we plan on behalf of what you like. With us you will enjoy the comfortable service that range from budgeted camping adventures to the luxury safari and accommodations while having an authentic experience of safaris in this continent. With Kiboya Safaris,we treat the guests to unrivalled experience from our quality safari drive vehicles that offers an excellent and comfortable viewing point.


  • The Most Interesting Destinations

    We have the places that we call “The capitals of Wildness” , We have been there and we know the beauty of different locations that will make your stay in Africa exceptional. You will see that we go to where unsullied beauty still reigns.

  • Knowledge & Expertise

    Our Naturalists are true experts of the field. We have been trained for what we do. Our guides are professional who not only drive but tells and teach you on everything that nature is blessed to have an excellent as travel companions and available for casual conversation and questions.

  • Respect For True Nature

    We travel in an environmentally responsible manner by taking you to the unspoiled places. We make use of our intensive knowledge, resources, time and donating funds and partner with our guests, NGOs to protect and restore the world wilderness.

  • Thoughtfully Planned

    There is a connectedness to our trips that gives you a deeper sense and a richer understanding of each place you visit. We offer you a chance to make your own itinerary depending on your travel time, budget, comfortability and the places to visit.

  • Selected Accommodation & Food

    Travel doesn’t mean deprivation; It is skillfully prepared and presented regional cuisine and comfortable lodging makes pleasure a significant part of your trip. We select them carefully and we grade them on our own terms.

  • Flexibility & Freedom

    We take those often magical opportunities to experience nature’s unplanned events. You don’t have to fear being wrenched away from a marvelous sighting by a rigid schedule..